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Taking comfort from the news

Posted in UK Politics by Davis X. Machina on May 14, 2010

It’s encouraging, in a way, that the Tories were forced into a coalition in order to govern at all.

Going in, the Conservatives have the mighty Murdoch Wurlitzer on their side, that and the fact that most people au fond are shits. A party that plays upon the worst in people, that’s grounded in the fundamental depravity of mankind, should routinely command too many seats to need a coalition partner.

So either this batch of Tories is unusually incompetent, or mankind has become ever so slightly less fundamentally depraved.

Either would qualify as good news….


If “Land of Hope and Glory”….

Posted in People with round heels, UK Politics by Davis X. Machina on May 12, 2010

…is the unofficial anthem of the UK Conservatives, and “The Red Flag” that of Labour (isn’t that a ripe anachronism?), I propose “I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No” from Oklahoma for the Liberal Democrats.

I give the relationship till October, or until the pregnancy begins to really show and people start whispering and pointing at Nick Clegg in the streets. If I had known when a lad that making a few promises about Trident and PR that I had no intention of keeping was all it took to get someone into a back seat, I’d have enjoyed the awkward years a great deal more.