Master of Querimonies

“Eduard Bernstein, pick up the white courtesy phone.”

Posted in Forward into the past by Davis X. Machina on December 9, 2010

Kevin Drum says of the Democrats: They [the Democrats, ed.] have to figure out a way to build a supermajority coalition for complicated legislation, and that means compromise. And everyone knows this.

Part of that supermajority coalition, if you include actors outside the actual legislature, doesn’t know this, or pretends to not know this. And it has no interest in compromise. It has no interest in ‘a supermajority coalition for complicated legislation’ because it has a profound mistrust that anything good can come from a legislature.

Power corrupts, and the more you exercise it, the more corrupt you become. The only legitimate, uncorrupt stand is to not exercise it.

This leads to adulation of the powerless (Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson), and ‘Kill-the-Bill’ politics. In progressive circles, marginal status is considered proof of good will. Anybody with efficacy is corrupt, because they have efficacy.

We’re fighting Marx/Kautsky v. Bernstein/Jaurés, all over again.

In the long run, the ‘professional left’ doesn’t trust, maybe doesn’t even believe in, government — sharing that predilection with the teabag right, interestingly enough.


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