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Tenaces antiquorum

Posted in Forward into the past by Davis X. Machina on July 3, 2011

The basic problem with Republicans is, they’re not Republicans, they’re monarchists. They’re interchangeable with the Bourbon faction in early 19th c. France.

The royalist party in a parliament has no real interest in cooperating with the small-r republican parties, in governing. Its sole purpose for being is to hasten the day Restoration.

When the king comes into his own again, ‘politics’ can return to its God-intended form: courtiers jockeying around the Throne for grace and favor and preferment, for pensions and governorships abroad, and royal monopolies. The king is the government—even, or especially, when a feckless king reigns, and the ministers do all the heavy lifting.

Parliament can become again what it was meant to be, a gentleman’s club that bestirs itself occasionally to vote credits for the king’s wars.

The weirdest transformation of political terminology isn’t what’s happened to the word ‘liberal’ since John Stuart Mill—it’s what happened to the word ‘republican’.

Republicans are monarchists.


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