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There’s always somthing cookin’ at Romney’s….

Posted in The upcoming Mayan general elections by Davis X. Machina on July 6, 2011

He’s white. He’s not Keynan. He’s not obviously from anywhere, really, certainly not the South, or a big city. He may be a Mormon, but at least he’s not a Muslim. And he’s definitely not a socialist. And to the naked eye he appears not to be barking mad.

This is America, and there’s nothing more American than the desire to not be disappointed. We’re the home of Olive Garden, and Chili’s, and Applebee’s. We don’t want food, so much as something that looks like what we think food should look like. And we don’t want politicians, so much as people who look like what we think politicians look like. [1]

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 GOP presidential candidate — A White Guy in a Suit/Something Else in a Suit, 2012!

[1] Sometimes we’ll go crazy and ethnic. Obama. P.F. Chang’s. But only sometimes…


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  1. hagofhelp said, on July 7, 2011 at 7:57 am

    love this. just like chinese, maybe obama will leave em hungry for more 😉

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