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Where’s my Doomsday, dammit?

Posted in The upcoming Mayan general elections by Davis X. Machina on August 3, 2011

I’ve seen any number of Guns of August references the last two weeks, and it got me thinking about August 2008, not August 1914.

I remember in August-September of ‘08 (When did Lehman Brothers blow up?) a considerable amount—not a lot, but enough to raise eyebrows—of loose talk at DKos about how letting it all blow up would be a good thing.

Because although there would be significant suffering—insert appropriate Dr. Strangelove quote here—we’d be purging the system of a lot of bad things, like bankers and consumerism and boy-bands, and in return we would be gaining a lot of good things, like more time with our families, liberation from the tyranny of stuff, and a better appreciation of what really matters—starting with subsistence agriculture.

WWI was supposed to purge a flabby and etiolated culture of its ills, instil manly virtue, tone up our jaded youth and such. And be over by Christmas. We know how that turned out. (The costs would largely be borne by the etiolated (coal-mining’ll do that to you), but definitely non-flabby mill-hands and peasant farmers anyways…)

Millennialism isn’t a right-wing only phenomenon…

Someone needs to remind these people that at the end of Quadrophenia the dude gets off the scooter


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