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Lost in the Ozone…

Posted in Uncategorized by Davis X. Machina on September 3, 2011

Who said this?

“At a time when so many people are hurting, we need to put the decisions about our energy future in to the hands of the people and their elected representatives…. EPA actions in this area (here it was clean coal, and not ozone exposure standards, but the point is a general one. Ed.) would have enormous implications, and these issues need to be handled carefully and appropriately dealt with by the Congress, not in isolation by a federal environmental agency”

Answer: Sherrod Brown, Carl Levin, and six other Democratic senators. In February of 2010.

It’s from Sen. Rockefeller’s home page. He’s proud of his position.

Senator Brown is often suggested as exemplary true progressive and a potential Obama primary challenger.

Levin is acclaimed as a liberal lion.

This is not just an Obama problem. This is a ‘Democratic rust-belt-state’ problem. A ‘states-where-the-2008-election was won and lost’ problem. A ‘party-who-polls-horribly-among-the-white-working class’ problem.

I’m not privy to any inside information, but I will wager blind that this action was taken at the behest of certain important members of the Senate Democratic Caucus.

The White House can count, and knows who’s defending what Senate seats, where,  in the next election….

All politics continues to be local.


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