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Why I fear the ACA…

Posted in Uncategorized by Davis X. Machina on June 28, 2012

Take Switzerland, for an example. There’s a country that really screwed up. They pissed their Freedom™ away, big time.

As it is now, it’d break your heart — the shabby clothes, the queues in the stores for such meager goods, the whispered conversations about friends and neighbors who have disappeared in the night, furtive, Tor-proxy-protected  visits to the American consular agency in Geneva’s website with asylum questions…

All this because of their federal government’s individual mandate to purchase health insurance from a private carrier through an exchange.

You’d think, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, we’d seen the last of this kind of oppression, at least in Europe.

Some day a Walesa of the Rhodanie will arise and lead those poor bastards in Lausanne to Freedom™, and somewhere William Tell is weeping.

Mrs. Widmer-Sclumpf, tear down this mandate!

(Freedom™ is a registered trademark of the Republican National Committee. All rights reserved. Used with permission.)


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